Cash & Grab wallet (One of a kind)

Cash & Grab wallet (One of a kind)
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The Cash&Grab wallet is a variation on the Sidewinder wallet, offering the same front and middle pockets with a money clip on the reverse for those who like to carry a little more cash but still like the slim minimalist type of wallet. Holds approximately 6 cards and folded cash.
This one-off item features an assortment of Italian leathers: Red Camouflage"Ghost Wax" and Red Waxy Pull-Up make up the first and second pocket as well as the back pocket and money clip sleeve. Both sides of this wallet's middle pocket are Gray Pueblo and sewn together with "Scarlet" thread.
*Ghost Wax leather refers to a thin coating of white wax over the surface of the leather. This wax will wear away with time and use revealing the more vibrant colors beneath.