Smash&Grab: UgMoFo Drop

Smash&Grab: UgMoFo Drop
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The Smash&Grab is the original FSG wallet; a distinctive minimalist wallet with the signature patch. Colors, textures and materials of each Smash&Grab wallet change with every drop.
This drop features a 4 pocket set up, using Black Wax Yellow Buttero, Red "Ghost wax" Camo, and Teal, patched with Yellow Camo. The patch and main stitching are Army Green. The backside Gray Pueblo over Black Minerva with a Yellow thread accent.

*Black Wax refers to a coating of black wax applied to the surface of the yellow leather. This will wear away with time and use, and every wallet will be unique to the person carrying it.
*Ghost wax" refers to a thin coating of white wax which - just like the black - will wear away with time and use revealing more vivid colors.